Flower of Salt (100gr)

Flower of salt originally from the Atlantic Sea, from Bay of Cádiz. It is made of small humid crystals that do not crunch in the mouth, it dissolves easily and it provides different flavours. It fits quite good with any food, but due to its amazing flavour, it is highly recommended for salads and grilled or broiled raw food.

The flower of salt is the highest quality of sea salt in the world. There are significant differences in color, flavor, texture and aroma, depending of the origin of the water. Atlantic ocean is considered one of the most prestigious.

The method used to obtain it, guarantees the best quality thanks to its excellent treatment avoiding the use of any machinery in its ageing, harvesting or packaging processes. The flower is collected manually with the moon with a tool very similar to a butterfly catcher, floating in the crystallisers, where the water has previously “matured” to form a very thin layer of 1 millimeter thick, similar to that which ice forms on the surface of some frozen seas. Hence the name by which this flower of salt from the Bay of Cadiz is known.

A different composition from industrial salt, washed and dried, guarantees less quantity of sodium chloride and more in elements as ferric, calcium or iodized salts, in a natural way that benefits in both, health and palate. Its special difference lies in the optimal presence of these three elements and magnesium salts with potential benefits.


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